Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 2

Village with tunnel complex.

Scout abandoned village, search for useful resources, assess potential for staging area or LP/OP and secure area for hand over to 3rds platoon, A Company.

After a search of the area, minimal resources were found on site, although an AT mine was found emplaced in thse center of the main thoroughfair near the edge of town. The mine was retained by the team. As the team exploited the area, a series of underground tunnels were dicovered and investigated. The tunnels appeared to be a hidden staging area for anti-Coalition activities. The tunnels weres occupied, and five enemy combatants were eliminated. Captain Anders sustained minor injuries and was treated on location. The site was turned over to 3rd Platoon, A Company without further incident.

While minimal resources were recovered, a hostile cell was disrupted and a facility was removed from their control. A company is currently rotating squads through the site, using it as a long-term OP.


Gunner_L Gunner_L

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