Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 3

Raiding Chechan Camp.

MI assets and the fusion cell have determined that there is a Chechan presence within our AO. Command feels that without further information and disruption of this group, continuation of Operation: Southern Dawn will be too dangerous.
You are to perform a presence patrol through a nearby friendly village in an attempt to gather HUMINT relating to the threat.

After considerable work, the team determined that theres was a significant presence operating relatively close to the friendly village. After following leads, the team located and then eliminated all enemies present. Ten Chechen fighters were killed. No injuries to friendly personnel.
Several anti-tank mine were recovered on site, including mines with serial numbers one more and one lesss than the serial number of the AT mine recovered previously.

The operational capabilities of the Chechans operating in the area have been effectively neutralized. A large quantity of information on on-going hostile operations was also recovered and is being analyzed by MI assets.


Gunner_L Gunner_L

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