Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 4

SKT on cache site.

To follow-up on intel obtained during your raid of the Chechan camp. Specifically, information that the Chechans have set-up a network of supply caches.
Command wants you to run and SKT and set-up an overwatch of one of the larger caches in an attempt to disrupt hostile activities in the AO.

The team set-up an overwatch and remained in position for 22 hours observing the cache before the cache was utilized by anti-Coalition forces. Seven armed military-aged-males approached the site in a pick-up truck. The team’s hide site was compromised by enemy forces and one of the team members was struck by hostile fire. The team returned fire and neutralized all enemy combatants, although another team member was truck by enemy fire. Seven enemies were neutralized. Captain Anders and Agent Hughes sustained minors injuries and were treated on location.

A cache of bomb-making component and ammunition were removed from enemy control.


Gunner_L Gunner_L

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