Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 5

HVT Recovery

Command has disseminated a list of U.S. & friendly-nation civilians that need to be collected to evacuate with us. Specifically, Doctor Richardson & Ambassador Nichols.

Doctor Richardson is a U.S. civilian in country on behalf of a non-profit humanitarian aide group. Doctor Richardson has an M.D. in internal medicine & has been running a clinic in a rural farming area. He is the only personnel at that site authorized for pick-up.

Ambassador Nichol has been running the new U.S embassy in the capital of Kurdistan, Kirkuk, with a skeleton crew. The embassy’s position has been becoming increasingly dangerous, and with the dissolution of the U.S. Government, has been unnecessary. You are to extract the Ambassador & as much of his staff as possible.

Other extractions will be taking place concurrently with yours.

Ambassador Nichols and three civilians (1x US, 2x LN) were recovered from the embassy site. After the team made contact, they were surrounded by hostile forces. They identified themselves as ‘The Hand of Allah’, led by a man who identified himself as ‘Kaleed Hassan’. MI assets are attempting to develop information on this group. The group asked that the ambassador be turned over to them, which CPT Mason refused. The group opened fire upon friendly forces. All enemy forces were destroyed, totalling 10x enemy personnel (including Hassan) and 1x ‘technical’ improvised guntruck. They returned with the ambassador without incident.

While enroute to Doctor Richardson’s location, the team was ambushed by enemy mounted and dismounted forces. Enemy forces were positioned along elevated terrain that ran parallel and along both sides of the team’s route. A technical pulled in front of the patrol and engaged them with HMG fire, while hidden personnel engaged with SAF and one RPG. The team engaged enemy personnel with both crew-served and SAF. All enemy forces were destroyed, totalling 9x enemy personnel and 1x ‘technical’ improvised guntruck. The patrol continued to the objective. Upon arrival, the team met with Doctor Richardson. The doctor refused to leave. The team made the decision to physically force compliance from the doctor, restraining him and loading him into their vehicle. They returned with the doctor without incident. Both friendly vehicles sustained minor damage, both of which was repaired onsite.

Both assigned HVTs were recovered, although Doctor Richardson’s compliance was forced, which may complicate further work with him.


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