Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 6

Scavenging Patrol

Since the evacuation, regrouping and consolidation immediately following the collapse of CivGov, a lot of military resources are unaccounted for. Command wants teams sent out to search abandoned facilities for useful resources.
Your team is to search a nearby COB for any available resources. The benefit of this operation is two-fold; it is both putting more materiel into our hands, and keeping materiel out of enemy hands.

Upon completion of their search of the COB, the team was engaged by a ten-man Iranian Army squad. Following an extended fire-fight, all enemies were neutralized. CPT Mason and Mr. Royale sustained minor injuries and were treated on site.

Some minor equipment was recovered, which will be maintained by the team for future use. The outcome of the scavenging was not as effective as hoped. Contact with elements of the Iranian Army is troubling, but as the team did not recover any actionable intel, we have little to work with.


Gunner_L Gunner_L

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