Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 7

Hasty Ambush

Your team is to act as a scouting element for the upcoming evacuation. You mission is to travel a length of the proposed route and assess it based upon security, passability, effectiveness & other factors. Expect this to be an extended mission. Prepare for at least five days without resupply.

While inbound to their LP/OP location, the team was diverted to intercept an enemy patrol. After setting up in ambush, the team engaged and eliminated an enemy eight-man element. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the enemy patrol was composed of Iranian Quds. Following the engagement, the team moved on to their LP/OP location and set themselves in place.

No friendly units were injured. The presence of Quds, especially when combined with the report of an engagement with an Iranian Army unit earlier, is troubling. Intelligence assets are investigating the presence of Iranian units and their purpose in Kurdistan.


I’m exited for this mission. :D

Operation 7
Gunner_L Gunner_L

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