Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 8


The team is to set up an LP/OP along the proposed route and assess it based upon security, passability, effectiveness & other factors. Expect this to be an extended mission. Prepare for at least five days without resupply.

While emplaced in their hide site, the team had a soft compromise. The decision to neutralize the LN who had compromised them was made onsite by the team leader. Unfortunately, the team elected to stay in place, and they were move upon by a force of approx. 12 armed LN (the assumption of the team is that they were looking for the missing person). Team 12 exchanged fire with the LNs, and all were eliminated. CPT Mason and PVT Mallard moved from the site to scout another hide site, and were engaged again. They neutralized the hostiles and coninued on.

The team was compromised in their hide site before much data could be gathered and were forced to relocate to another location for intelligence gathering.


Gunner_L Gunner_L

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