Operation: Southern Dawn

Operation 9

As a FRAGO to their original orders, the team was diverted to a small Kurdish village. The village was heavily fortified and occupied the only pass through the mountains for several hundred miles to the north and south. After tense negotiations with the village elder, the team agreed to exchange trade their services for safe passage for the evacuation. The village elder explained that there was a band of marauders that often plagued them. Team 12 manned their barricades and directed their small guard force to destroy the enemy raiding party.

Despite initial difficulties with the negotiations, eventually an agreement was made. During the firefight, Agent Hughes and Mr. Royale were lightly injured and treated on scene. Two village guards were killed.

This agreement, assuming the village holds to it, will greatly reduce the length of the convoy route by an estimate of almost four hundred miles. The village may also serve as a resupply point. Intel was also recovered from one of the dead raiders pointing towards a possible base of operations. CPT Mason made the decision to assault their base.


Gunner_L Gunner_L

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