Group Gear

The accumulated 'group' equipment.


240 kg. Balanced Wild Food
240 kg. Fresh Food
8x Boxes Assorted Packaged Food (12 meal/box)
4x Cases Camping Food (30 meals/case)

1x Chainsaw
1x Medium Still
1x Basic Power Tools (set)
1x Construction Tools (set)
1x Large Group Water Filter
1x Tiny Portable Generator
1x Small Portable Generator
1x Medium Portable Generator
4x Competant Textbooks (Medicine, Computers, Mounts, Seamanship)
6x Camouflage Netting (rolls)
1x Light Tripod
3x IV Fluids
1x Rescue Saw
6x Pop Flares
1x Stationary Short-Wave Radio & Base Station Aerial
1x Military Vehicular Radio W/ Base Station Aerial
Small Arms Workshop (gunsmithing tools & reloading bench; dies for 9×19, .45ACP, 5.56, 7.62×39, 7.62×51, .50 BMG, .50 AE, 5.45, 12 gauge)

3x Jerry Cans (Methanol)
7x Jerry Cans (Ethanol)
8x Jerry Cans (Diesel)
4x 200L Drums (Ethanol)
2000L Tank on Trailer (Diesel)

1x AT-7 (unmounted, with heavy tripod)
7x RPG-18
1x AT Mine (TM-65)
2x Mk. 19 (unmounted, with heavy tripod)
1x KPV (unmounted, with heavy bipod)
1x PKM (unmounted, with medium bipod)
1x RPG-7

4x AT-7 Rounds
6x AT-13 Rounds
1300x 7.62×39 (loose)
1500x 5.56×45 (belted)
1900x .50 BMG (belted)
1400x 9×19
1300x 7.62×51 (belted)
400x 5.45×39
700x .45 ACP
101x 12 gauge 00 Buckshot
2x 12 gauge Breaching
6x 40mm HEDP
10x 8mm Mauser
500x 14.5mm (belted)
13x 30 rd. AKM Magazines (loaded)
13x 30 rd. AK-74 Magazines (loaded)
192x 40×53mm HV rds. (belted)
600x 7.62×54R (belted)
11x RPG Rockets


Group Gear

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